Manga through time

Manga has become an important part of Japanese culture and life. However, it is not always accepted among Japanese citizens. During the 70s, many groups of parents were banned together to stop the distribution of manga. Parents constantly go to manga rental shops to harass the owner and threaten to close their operations forever. Manga is considered a product that is immoral, disgusting and impure that pollutes children’s innocence.

Ironically, parents who form this anti-manga organization have never taken a copy of any type of genre. They will almost not see the cover and continue their quick judgment. Finally, schools gave their protests and began to apply official prohibitions to children going to manga rented shops. It’s far from what is available at your own fingertips today. Fortunately, their protests that do not mean do โดจิน not obscure the creative mind of artists and fans throughout the world.

Reality manga.

Right after WWII, many war-themed manga began to emerge. Some critics claimed that the portrord of the experience of Mizuki Shigeru during the war was graphed and realistic, but said the truth about what really happened.

Effect of Television

When television is increasingly affordable between the average Japanese family, animation is introduced. Astro Boy by Tezuka Osamu, is the first series that displays regular characters in the ongoing plot. Tezuka Osamu is known for its eccentric behavior and a brilliant creative mind. The stories are in front of the time and are still loved by many people.

Today’s manga

Manga has no limits in terms of creativity. It continues to affect and touch the lives of many individuals. His recent popularity among international fans continued to grow and immediately even Hollywood would not be able to ignore his presence. Some films based on different manga are arranged to immediately enter the production. I am looking forward to seeing what happened in the future for manga.